Recent Client Work

Campaign and Product Packaging Designer



Client: Ksoni

A luxury, sustainable and natural hair care brand.

  • Brand campaign and collaboration around my proposed theme 'Sustainable Self-Love'.

  • A conversation I wanted to have in collaboration with a sustainable and authentic brand that supports and is run by women of colour.

  • Why? To raise awareness of the importance to develop self-love practices that are sustainable for you and acknowledge the difficulties that come with maintaining a positive relationship with self.

  • Designed x3 limited edition packaging labels for Ksoni's shampoo and conditioner collections, including the newly released travel-sized bottle.

  • Supported the founders and digital marketing team in the production of the social media strategy which included graphics, a giveaway, content, IGTV conversations and workshops with guest speakers.


Associate Designer



Client: Sour Lemons

A charity challenging systemic barriers that prevent diverse leadership from thriving with young leaders.

  • Series of branded illustrations using the life of lemons as the analogy to represent the Sour Lemon's company values and services.

  • An illustrated classic lemonade recipe written by Aimee Gayle.

  • Portraits of the twelve Creative Leadership programme 2020 cohort.

Editorial Illustrations



Client: The Ask

Career coaching company founded by Ellen Donnelly


Article: "How to Carve a Unique Career Path You’ll Love with These Six Steps"

  • Six conceptual illustrations interpreting Ellen's key steps and considerations when carving your unique career path.

  • Ellen and I connected after her Instagram live with YSYS in May 2020 over a shared enthusiasm for self-perception and the power of self-awareness in personal and professional development.

  • We went on to produce a workshop together based on these themes.

Illustrations for an online course



Client: University of the Arts London

Roxanne Peters, The Creative Rights Specialist at UAL


Commissioned for their new first-ever online IP module.


Five illustrations representing the stages in which intellectual property should be considered:

  • When creating work (individually or in collaboration)-

  • When managing your work

  • When protecting your work with a legal framework

  • When sharing your work with the world

  • When using other people's intellectual property

Social Media Graphics



Client: Dance Network Association

A CIC organization dedicated to increasing accessibility to dance and promoting, self-esteem, confidence and fun.


Commissioned for their first online dance festival campaign during lockdown 2020.

  • Twelve graphics designed to promote DNA's online dance classes on their social media (Instagram stories and feed, Facebook event header) and for physical print outs.

  • Also offered consultancy on further marketing they could create, for example, videos of the dance teachers introducing themselves and their class.

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