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What we do

We convert empowering and educational messages into creative and accessibly designed resources that have the power to last a lifetime, rather than a click.

An educational infographic which allows readers to easily understand the working processes of Battery Energy Storage Systems made by Renewco Power, encouraging their building and integration into renewable energy farms.
A reflective self-help guide which encourages younger people to take up healthy habits to take care of themselves whilst waiting to receive NHS support. These are shown using crafted techniques and mindful illustrations.
A strikingly designed zine for the Barbican, which shares insight on the process of creating your own film event, using impactful photography and illustrated icons to make the information easily digestible and enticing. 
A set of colourfully designed visual notes taken from a series workshops presented by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, using playful illustration, diagrams and unique information presentation, to present the talks in a shareable and lively format

Who we work with

We work with clients who empower, educate and actively engage with their communities for the betterment of their health, wealth and wellness.

"We were recommended to commission Lizzie Lines by one of our young partners and we are delighted with what has been co-produced as a result. 

Lizzie not only listened to the brief, but really wanted to understand our work and meet the young partners, and attended a number of introductory and design sessions with them.

Lizzie has taken the words of the young partners and translated them into beautiful words and images and was forthcoming with solutions along the way around design.

She is values led, organised and reliable and great at communicating every step of the way. We would have no hesitation in commissioning LIzzie again, and are excited to see how our next co-created piece evolves."

Anne-Marie Douglas
Fo​under & CEO Peer Power Youth

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