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How can schools and universities better support the employability, success and mental wellness of students and freelancers?

Client: MindMapper, UAL, UnderPinned, Women+ in Leadership programme

I've worked with students and schools since 2018 as a workshop facilitator, mentor, head of university partnerships, programme assistant, and programme marketing and design consultant. All in the aim to improve access to high-quality resources, tools and support that benefits health and professional success.

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Client: Libraries Unlimited

Illustration for limited edition collectible library cards across Devon and Torbay, celebrating the launch of Libraries Unlimited project 'What If YOU Spoke?' encouraging young writers. Using the space to encourage reflection on the intersectionality of the information we consume and how we consume it.

campaign consultant

and workshop facilitator
creating space for self-reflection 

as a practical means of discovery for creative and holistic thinkers.

Lizzies Lines_portrait illustration smal

Design  for me is   

never the first idea

COMMUNICATING and representing personality THROUGH BRANDING

sharing experience and knowledge

Final richmix poster BANDS.jpg
Smell the roses poster Prgrm2ed Percepti


Lizzies Lines_Designed business cards fo
Lizzies Lines_Designed business cards fo
Lizzies Lines_Designed business cards fo


A Grounded Branding Guidelines by Lizzie
R4W_02 with reflection FINAL.jpg
1 Lizzie Reid - Make a Difference - Bran
Lizzies Lines_IKAWA Pin Badge.jpg
Tyrell - Blessed Individual - PAGE 1 Bra

Publication formating

Lizzie Reid - Youre never enough - Desig
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