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Branding and illustrations for PBS 'Fascinating Fails' Youtube Series with Brilliant Productions

Needs to be written... guide including safety plan templates for young people with complex needs receiving and awaiting NHS support.

Co-produced through virtual workshops with young people sharing lived experience from Peer Power Youth Charity and Barnardos.

Needs to be written...  part of the NHS’s long-term integrated care system, improving early intervention for those at risk of entering the welfare, youth justice or mental health inpatient estates by supporting organisations and local councils to work closer together.

This showreel showcases some clips from the 'Fascinating Fails' series that display my illustrative work.

brand kit mockup.png

What was our objective?









What was our process?

brief mockup.png

Collecting and finalising the content for the design zine publication.

1st draft mockup.png

In our developmental stages on the aesthetics of the brand kit, we discussed visual inspirations as well as colour palettes and font. Our ambition was to embody feminine LGBTQ representation in Science that isn't often showcased. 

The Solution

allergies episode ss mockup.png

Episode - 'Allergies: The Science of Why Your Body Hates You'

anaesthesia episode ss mockup.png

Episode - 'Anesthesia Started as a Party Drug'


Wilna Fourie

Senior Producer (Acting), Barbican

Working with Lizzie has been an absolute joy. Her patience, professionalism and creativity helped us navigate a tricky brief to come out with a beautiful product that truly captures the aims of the project.

She helped us transition the original brief from Zine into an extensive educational guide – helpings us visualise and translate information for all readers.

Previous project

She helped guide us through a process of audience feedback, making the graphics and icons easier to follow and helping readers engage and process the content.

We would absolutely recommend Lizzie’s graphic design, project management and facilitation services. We can’t wait to work with her again!"

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