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Pass The Mic x Lego: Brief Winner

Brief: Rebuilding Change

02 Dec 2020

Read here

" What would the world look like through your eyes?
This month we challenge you to submit your creations around rebuilding the world you see around you. We’re celebrating how you can build, unbuild and rebuild the limitless world of your imagination with @lego creations… So we’re asking you to think outside the box and unleash your creativity... What would you rebuild if you could create a world of infinite possibilities?"

Winner of a one-to-one masterclass with a LEGO Designer and a selection of LEGO sets!​

Maid Messy blog - Kirsty - Lizzie Reid.p

Maid Messy Blog

The Artist who saved my date night

18 July 2020

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" As we made our way upstairs and through the Smeg fridge door...we were met by a smile that cannot be expressed of how great and infectious it was...Cut to six months later on the London Overground near Dalston sides and I see this sunny smile step onto the carriage. "Elizabeth" I shouted...I find it incredibly convenient how someone’s art can resonate with the exact mind space and events that one is experiencing in life at that present moment and I found that to be the case with Lizzie and her Diving boards series in particular (more about this series below), which ran parallel with the confidence and doubt I was living through at that moment Lizzie came along. "

UAL Cretive Accelorator_Lizzie Reid.png

UAL Creative Business Accelerator

Selected by Google Start-ups and Careers and Employability

July 2020 - January 2021


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I was selected to be part of this 6 month business development programme developed by Careers and Employability for UAL graduates in partnership with Google for Startups. This course will provide me with the time and financial support for creative focus, tools to grow a sustainable and successful creative business and connections to build professional networks.

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Women+ in Leadership Programme

Creative Shift, UAL

Feb - Oct 2020

Read article 1

Read article 2

I assisted the Women+ in Leadership programme open to students of UAL writing a 2 part article on the overall experience. Read all about what we got up to over the 9 weeks!

Eric festival_ft lizzie reid.png

Eric Festival


Instagram Feed

29 Jan 2020

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ERIC Festival is a self-development focused company who represent, support and empower young creative talent through workshops, engagement and promotion.

A Grounded podcast with Lizzie Reid and

A Grounded Podcast 


Confidence can be learned

12 Dec 2019

Hosted by founder and musician Alichè

Listen here | Spotify | Apple | Google 

"ITS ELECTION DAY, so while you get yourself down to the polling station and make your vote count listen in to Alichè being joined by artist Lizzie Reid. They talk identities and fears as a young creative woman... Whilst gossiping about why Boris Johnson is a racist d**k and why they're over clubbing."

Lizzie Reid poetry published with Lungs

Lungs Project 


Published poetry in New Landscapes Anthology

6 Dec 2019 

Buy book from a selection of independent and feminist book stores.

Published by Lungs Project in the UK and US

Editors Angela Burdon and Sheyda A. Khaymaz

Featured on pages 88-98

"Filtered through the lens of intersectionality the book contains a distillation of our cumulative experiences as womxn of colour. Injecting a passionate optimism into our current state of affairs, the book presents a new vantage point from which to look at poetry. It touches upon almost everything pertaining to our human existence, from our given names, our colonised bodies, our faith, our hair, our bedrooms to our ancestors, our mother tongue, our dance, our dreams, our touch, our taste for tea, and so on. Inside this book, you will find works which embody radical honesty, tenderness, ancestral wisdom, and strength."

Text from Lungs Project website
south east london blog ft lizzie reid ak

South East London Blog 


#SpotlightOn Artist

1 Dec 2019 

Read here

Editor Rosanna Head

"Say hi to Lizzie Lines, south east London Illustrator, Designer and Poet who I’ve yet to meet in person, but who inspired me to follow her online with her stand out illustrations, shock colours and prose. Find out what makes her tick, her love of visual metaphors and how she allows her subconscious mind to dictate the freedom to create."

Surviving Art Podcast 


Chatting about art school and creativity

18 Oct 2019 

Hosted by founder and artist Matej Tomažin

Listen here | Spotify | Apple | Google 

"To kick it all off, today’s run-and-gun podcast (meaning, please excuse the London traffic in the background, it’s inevitable), is with Lizzie Reid from Lizzie’s Lines.

We talked about art school and why going to art school might not be the best option (at least not in places, where education isn’t free (I’m still amazed that people come out of college with debt almost as large as the GDP of a small country). And we also explored her views on the possibilities curatives have in London at this very moment, how a longer hiatus can actually be good for you and much, much more."

A5 Magazine 

Portfolio #30

Sept 2019 

Featured on pages 10-11

"A5 Magazine is an industry focused art zine. Our  goal is to draw attention to self representing artists."

Lizzie Reid_Cass Art bursary_MiAL at AFF

Cass Art Materials Grant 


Winner of Cass Art £500 Materials bursary

May 2019 

Read Made in Arts London's article here

Read Cass Art's article here

"We’re delighted to continue supporting Made in Arts London (MiAL), a professional development initiative organised by University of the Arts London, by awarding a £500 Cass Art Materials Bursary Award. We caught up with the winner of this year’s award, Lizzie Reid to find out more about how she navigates print, painting, collage and the written word."


Artist Talk
Affordable Art fair
Hampstead Heath, London
12 May 2019

A panel discussion with four Made in Arts London artists, led by Andrew Marsh (Course Leader at Central Saint Martins), sharing the process, meaning and motivations behind our work and practice.

Affordable Art Fair 


Invest in Emerging Art

April 2019 

Read here

Written by Claudia Hogg

"...Titled ‘Imagined Landscapes’, the work of the twelve selected students explores the visual representation of reconstructing a space; both in reality and the imagined. The artists have embraced alternative understandings of place in contemporary art and the role the artist plays as narrator...and we have delved deeper with four of the give you an insight into the inspiration and processes of this year’s rising stars.

Invest in Emerging Art, Affordable Art F
The art of wellbeing MiAL blog post ft l

Made In Arts London 


The Art of Wellbeing

April 2019 

Read here

"Decor that tells a story is one of our most-loved interior trends and our favourite rooms are the ones full of meaningful things – whether they are gifts from a loved one, souvenirs from the trip of a lifetime, or an artwork that brings a childhood memory to life. Select your art from the heart and you are guaranteed to love it for years to come."

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