A Grounded Podcast 

Confidence can be learned

12 DEC 2019

with Alichè

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"ITS ELECTION DAY, so while you get yourself down to the polling station and make your vote count listen in to Alichè being joined by artist Lizzie Reid. They talk identities and fears as a young creative woman... Whilst gossiping about why Boris Johnson is a racist d**k and why they're over clubbing."

 Lungs Project 

New Landscapes Anthology

6 Dec 2019 

Published by Lungs Project

Editors Angela Burdon and Sheyda A. Khaymaz

Pages 88-98

"This anthology brings together thirteen up-and-coming poets from around the world selected from an open call and edited by Sheyda and Angela from Lungs team. New Landscapes tests the fluidity of contemporary poetry while binding together a myriad of approaches and forms. Filtered through the lens of intersectionality the book contains a distillation of our cumulative experiences as womxn of colour. Injecting a passionate optimism into our current state of affairs, the book presents a new vantage point from which to look at poetry. It touches upon almost everything pertaining to our human existence, from our given names, our colonised bodies, our faith, our hair, our bedrooms to our ancestors, our mother tongue, our dance, our dreams, our touch, our taste for tea, and so on. Inside this book, you will find works which embody radical honesty, tenderness, ancestral wisdom, and strength."  Text from Lungs Project website

Featured poets: 

Nuura Axmed | Michelle C | Salma Ahmad Caller | Jasleen Chadha | Joey Chin | Çağla Çinili | Khotso Lamola | Vivian Y. Li | lyds | Mandla Rae | Lizzie Reid | Anesia Saunders | Juniper Yun

The book is launched in the U.K. and U.S. simultaneously. It is available for purchase from Lungs Project online store as well as a few independent & feminist bookstores that can be viewed here.

 South East London Blog 

#SpotlightOn Artist Lizzie Reid AKA Lizzies Lines

1 Dec 2019 

Editor Rosanna Head

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"Say hi to Lizzie Lines, south east London Illustrator, Designer and Poet who I’ve yet to meet in person, but who inspired me to follow her online with her stand out illustrations, shock colours and prose. Find out what makes her tick, her love of visual metaphors and how she allows her subconscious mind to dictate the freedom to create."

 Surviving Art Podcast 

Chatting about art school and creativity with lizzie reid from Lizzie's Lines

18 OCT 2019 

with Matej Tomažin

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"To kick it all off, today’s run-and-gun podcast (meaning, please excuse the London traffic in the background, it’s inevitable), is with Lizzie Reid from Lizzie’s Lines.

We talked about art school and why going to art school might not be the best option (at least not in places, where education isn’t free (I’m still amazed that people come out of college with debt almost as large as the GDP of a small country). And we also explored her views on the possibilities curatives have in London at this very moment, how a longer hiatus can actually be good for you and much, much more."

 A5 MagaZine 

Portfolio #30

September 2019 

Pages 10-11

"A5 Magazine is an industry focused art zine. Our  goal is to draw attention to self representing artists."

 Cass Art Materials Grant 

 Affordable Art Fair 

Invest in Emerging ArT

April 2019 

By Claudia Hogg

Read online here

 Made In Arts London 

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