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Lizzie's first digitally editable and printable organization tool!


As a freelance creative, Lizzie works on multiple projects at a time so planning ahead is vital. As is having an honest relationship with her expectations of self and availability which she unpacks in her workshop 'Expectation Management'.


If you want to book this workshop for your audience simply send an email to with the subject "Expectation Management inquiry" and Lizzie will respond with fees, a content breakdown and next steps.


Planning day by day is good but without target practice AKA goal setting we can easily fall victim to working hard rather than working smart (hint hint to the next e-product).


Want to wake up and know your aim for the day? Want to walk into the office and feel focused? Want to take your to-do list with you wherever you go?

We got you. Here's your digitally editable and printable weekly to-do list for the month which can live on your phone, laptop, tablet AND desk.


Did we mention it lasts a lifetime?

Just duplicate the blank file and rename it for the relevant month and year.



Weekly To-Dos: Digital and Printable

  • Our brains love the number 3, (so do spiritual teachings but I'm not the expert to speak on that). That's why this weekly to-do list has space for you to type/write x3 tasks to do per day and some notes.

    The limited space forces you to get to the point so you have clarity first thing in the morning *yawn and stretchhhh* when you say to yourself "right, what am I doing today...". 

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