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Renewco Power

Audience and purpose:

Renewco Power is a renewable energy developer focused on developing utility-scale wind, solar and energy storage projects across the UK.

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are a method of collecting and storing excess energy produced by renewable and fossil fuel energy sources that would otherwise be wasted, to power the national grid when renewable energy is low instead of fossil fuels.

Their mission is to help local residents who live nearby the next BESS development site to have a clearer understanding of how it works to support the national grid and the impact it can generate, as part of their wider mission to support the journey to net zero.

Key activity:

The feedback from previous public consultations showed Renewco Power were struggling to communicate how the BESS works.

Their current approach described the system in great detail using a large amount of text which local residents (majoritively agricultural experts and farmers) struggled to understand resulting in their inability to either support or not support the planning permission required to action the project.


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