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So I graduated from London College of Communication, UAL in 2018 in Illustration and Visual Media. Secured a first class honours from spending my final year asking myself  "Who am I" and writing a dissertation about the effects of self-perception on creative and cultural entrepreneurs.


A topic that still drives my work.

It's quite obvious to me that how we see ourselves affects how far we push ourselves. We could have the best idea ever but never share it because we don't see ourselves as good enough. The result? No one gets the chance to benefit from your idea.

Well I decided I was done with that factor affecting my opportunities to engage with the wickedest ideas!


So I started giving talks to raise awareness and remind people that we have work to do. We can talk about a lack of confidence and imposter syndrome all day long but these are all just symptoms of the root cause: Your self-perception.


How you see yourself defines the decisions you make. The prices you set. The projects you share. The opportunities you apply for. The praise that you accept. The love that you embrace. The belief that all things can be possible.

It's obvious to me, so I became my first participant.

 Through illustration and poetry I began to unearth my inner beliefs, hypocrises and emotions and hold them up against my past, my behaviours and my actions to see where the correlations were.  And heck did I find some correlations.

I noticed my meticulous behaviour and suffocating need to plan, organise and understand every detail before committing was stagnating my creativity and my personal life. Then came Subconscious Drawings.

(I have to thank my tutor Charley Peters for pulling me up on that one)

I noticed the utter emotion and discomfort I would feel when being removed from my hometown or feeling unconnected to a sense of home. Then came City Lines.

I noticed my pessimism and inability to accept compliments, celebrate success and embrace love from other people and genuinely give it back in return. Then came Blue Drawings.

I noticed the consistent adrenaline rush of fear, excitement and anticipation when leaving hospitality to go full-time freelance. Then came Diving Boards.

I fell for my eternal need to grow. We were now married and I could do nothing without it. In everything I do, there must be an authentic, purposeful reason or reflection and addressing of an internal need. Otherwise, I can't connect.

Applying this same logic to client work, I intentionally work with people who value to symbiotic relationship between our psychological and physical lives.

Some of my clients include:

  • Sour Lemons who focus on diversifying the arts directly at the leadership tables.

  • The Ask who focuses on personal development and internal guidance to finding your unique career paths.

  • Dorrette Harris who believes and promotes that 'Mindfulness Creates Change'.

  • Creative Shift who ran the empowering Women+ In Leadership programme for UAL students.

And I continue to make work, for me in the hope it can also connect with you.

I bloody love what I do.

Thank you for reading with me!

A sample of some other bits:

Awards and achievements:

Cass Art Bursary Prize, 2019

Sour Lemons Leadership Programme, 2020

Made in Arts London representation, 2018-21

Published Poetry with the Lungs Project across the UK and US, 2019

Co-founded Prgrm2ed Perception (2015-18), an exhibition platform showcasing the work and voices of over 40 emerging artists and musicians on socio-political issues surrounding gentrification, politics, gender and the future.


Creative Futures Week, UAL, 2020

Online talk, Arts Student Union, UAL, 2020

Professional Development Day, Xhibit, UAL, 2020

Creative Start Up Day, UAL, 2019

Made in Arts London, UAL, 2019

Affordable Art Fair, 2019

The Power of Choice, Prgrm2ed Perception, 2018


Affordable Art Fair, 2019

Free Range, Trumans Brewery, 2019

Solo show: Estate Office Coffee, 2019-20

TM Lighting Gallery, 2018

Smell the Roses:Female Empowerment, Prgrm2ed Perception, The Book Club, 2017

Modern Day Dreaming, Prgrm2ed Perception, Rich Mix, 2017

Genderalisation, Prgrm2ed Perception, Off The Cuff, 2017

Political Power, Prgrm2ed Perception, Raw Material, 2016

Gentification, Prgrm2ed Perception, Raw Material, 2016

(P.s.  It means so much that you are here, so thank you)

© 2020 by Lizzie Reid

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