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I won the £500 Cass Art materials bursary!

Updated: May 14, 2019

Liesel Thomas, Lizzie Reid and Katie Hughes at Affordable Art Fair, Hampstead Heath 2019

Just couldn't believe it. Burst into tears at the sight of this very unexpected email and spent an hour blubbering to my mum on the phone (loosing track of time and having to run a little to work), leaving dear ol' Katie in the loom.

I'm beyond proud and excited to receive this prize. Ecstatic at the thought of being chosen amongst so many great artists, at the thought of all the new art I will be able to make, all the new connections and people I will meet, and all of the future opportunities which will be leveraged by this achievement!

Endless thank yous to Cass Art, Made in Arts London, particularly Arts Student Union's Activities Sabbatical Officer, Annie-Marie, as well as Arts SU and UAL in general for making such a huge opportunity accessible to us young artists.

Watch this space on Instagram: @Lizzies_Lines!

Future Lizzie is about to be up in your grill!

Mountains of love

Lizzie x

Read Made in Arts London blog here:

Cass Art blog coming soon!

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