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It's what we're all looking for right?

Now, if rationality isn’t the be all and end all to life and the successful survival of it, then art, nuances, interpretation and relatability stand for more than just a little something. Painting, poetry and design are all marks across space, space which is of equal importance to the mark. It is the space which allows the time to reflect and contemplate, the pace to absorb meaning because inevitably this is what we are all searching for.

Whether it be in clothes, makeup, friendships or Tinder bios, the only reason we are all looking is to feel that feeling of ‘found’. "I found it!" she screamed. The feeling of elation rushed over her as she leapt for joy that she had once again felt that connection reminiscent of the one she had felt those many years ago on that specific day that she’s never forgotten with that particular set of circumstances that led her there which she could never possibly retrace. She thought it could never happen again and then, here she is. “I found it! I found it! I found it!” she carried on as slowly she began to slow down. This 'new' feeling she’d been longing for did not come alone. The memory of a time before wouldn’t be shaken and a sense of longing and loss crept into her tearful eyes and lowering smile.

Nothing is replaceable. Only the genuinely new and incomparable could ever be as thrilling. And you can’t plan for that so here's to looking.

Lizzie Reid


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