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2020 - 2021

2020 - 2019



Digital Illustration + Animation

Lockdown conditions

Visualizing the claustrophobia within my own mind and physicalizing the messages I've adopted to relieve myself of the pressure that's arisen during lockdown.


Pen and Ink Collection

Conceptual drawings  

The Race represents life's hurdles, hoops and muddy puddles which later inspired a poem.

Dive or Jump is a small drawing based on the Diving Boards series.


Diving Boards 

When on the edge of something new, vast and uncertain, we suddenly find comfort in the present.

Sat in the present hyperaware before the leap, absorbed with by hesitation questioning the depths of the deep. Knowing this moment will be the last and checking you're ready to leave. Being held back by fear but also a pleasant moment of peace.

A moment of numbness and silence all of a sudden, deeply reflecting on how far we've come. Thanking this edge for this moment of peace as we sit in limbo between future you and present me.


It was I that got me here in the first place, so don't tell me you now want to stay! If you even dare, I swear you'll be bored within a day.

Take the dive and trust it'll be fine, the anticipation and excitement will help keep you dry. There is just so much more to explore, so go ahead, embrace this moment of pause. But not for too long! Then push yourself off and find out where you belong.