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City Lines


Blue Drawings


Subconscious Drawings

 Editorial Illustration


Client: The Ask

career coaching company

founded by Ellen Donnelly

Content: Careers & self-improvement

Article: "How to Carve a Unique Career Path You’ll Love with These Six Steps"


Over a 16 days I conceptually interpreted the six steps in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fresco (iPad) using an Apple Pencil for the first time.


Ellen and I met at an online talk she delivered on recognising your strengths as part of finding your unique career path and we immediately connected over our passion for the psychological influence on the physical experience.

 Diving Boards 

set in the ‘space of mind’ during that moment of pause when you are on the edge of something new, vast and uncertain.

The time where you reflect on the past, present and future and bounce between confidence and doubt. Painted at a time where I was fuelled with a mixture of adrenaline and fear having cut all safety nets to pursue my creative career, I allowed my subconscious to paint this feeling.

Upon analysis I see the diving boards as representations of the strong and stable aspects of our lives which offer us security and comfort. The small size of the figure sitting/hanging on the edge of the boards echo the understanding that there is so much more to explore

than what we already know. But their contemplative state also encourages us to embrace the moment of pause and acknowledge all of the emotions, colours and darknesses that arise before taking the dive.


 City Lines

A continuous series inspired by my connection to my home city of London.

The daily commute (before lockdown), the transition from daytime offices to fairy lights adorning the night sky, the range of architecture, the lingo and accents and the pure attitude - An equation resulting in an unreplicable connection between heart and home.


 Blue Drawings

Reactive works to my acceptance of love and the pain that comes with it.

These works were expressions of my acknowledgement and frustration towards my brain's auto-pilot response to receiving messages of love.


Instead of listening and absorbing them, I would watch them from a distance as though the comments weren't truly for me. This method of self-defence stems from experiences of being hurt and disappointed in the past by those close and far from me.

But now I see and feel the pain where happiness and love are running low and these paintings are my commitment to myself to start taking the risk and letting love in.

Shop Hurts original


 Subconscious Drawings

 My therapy

Using instinctive mark-making challenges my meticulous nature and desire to control and plan which we all know doesn't work for creativity.

The graphical, unique and organic outcomes make unreplicable and unpredictable relationships between line, shape and colour.

© 2020 by Lizzie Reid

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