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Illustrated Spinner for Dance Network Association

Needs to be written... guide including safety plan templates for young people with complex needs receiving and awaiting NHS support.

Co-produced through virtual workshops with young people sharing lived experience from Peer .

Needs to be written...  part of the NHS’s long-term integrated care system, improving early intervention for those at risk of entering the welfare, youth justice or mental health inpatient estates by supporting organisations and local councils to work closer together.

DNA - Spinner Illustration - RGB Back - Illustrated by Lizzies Lines.png
DNA - Spinner Illustration - RGB Front - Illustrated by Lizzies Lines (1).png

What was our objective?









What was our process?

brief sheet mockup.png

'DNA's brief inspired us to create a design concept to allow class attendees to continue to dance after class at home.

Idea sketches mockup.png

We sketched up three rough ideas for outcome concepts with the final idea being decided as a spinner with featured dance moves, as well as potential stickers.

word back mockup.png
sticker mockups
spinner experiments.jpg
spinner experiments 2.PNG

We created a word bank of associated terms related to DNA's classes to be translated into dance illustrations.

We designed an illustration representing the dance, as well as the location of the classes. Which was mocked up initially as a sticker.

We used applications to trial the spinner concept before constructing the final.

The Solution

DNA - Spinner Illustration - RGB Front - Illustrated by Lizzies Lines (1).png
DNA - Spinner Illustration - RGB Back - Illustrated by Lizzies Lines.png



Andrew Nichols-Clarke 

Senior Development Lead, Health and Justice Children Programme, NHS England 

Lizzie has been a pleasure to work with on the project. In terms of initial concept and design she has a real creative flair and has brought something truly unique to the box.

At times, having to take all service user’s feedback, including professionals, services, managers as well as young people has been challenging and the need to update documents multiple times. 

Realising that things in the NHS do change rapidly, Lizzie has been able to remain resilient and work really well independently to get things updated.

Previous project

We wanted to thank Lizzie for all her hard work, dedication and patience on a project which has grown from its initial scope.

The work Lizzie has undertaken will form part of key documentation as part of the delivery of the NHS England Long Term Plan, to support the most complex young people.  It will ensure that young people are involved and understand the services they will be supported by and ensure they are actively involved in their own care.

Lizzie’s flair for creativity has also provided us with some thinking around how some of the resources produced can be shared wider than just within our own programme.

Next project


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