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Featured on Affordable Art Fair blog about investing in emerging art, by Claudia Hogg.

Read whole blog here:

I couldn't believe I was about to show at the Affordable Art Fair, let alone be one of the four artists featured on their online blog written by a specialist Affordable Art Fair blogger. The privilege of showing my work during the fair was second to none which I will write more about in a separate blog post. The atmosphere of Made in Arts London has never felt competitive, and surprisingly, neither was the fair and I'm beginning to realise the arts industry in general isn't either. Sold to us in university as a 'dog eat dog world' is actually more defined by a matter of taste. Customers' and clients' taste in art is what decides your place in the art world as with any industry. The buyers of floor length dresses will likely differ to those with a collection of Adidas Original trainers and tracksuits. Neither is 'less', they simply appeal to different audiences and exist in different contexts. Selling is more a matter of finding your customer than taking the audience of another.

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

Lizzie x


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