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Mial 2018 collection - 2018

Updated: May 14, 2019

On Wednesday (19/sept/2018) TM Lighting Gallery hosted Made in Arts London's 2018 collection launch, where I showed two of my original paintings, 'It's Fine by Me' and 'Hoping and Dreaming'.

About the work:

Both artworks were directly inspired by poems I had written, and both feature typewritten segments.

It's Fine by Me (Original) - Matt paint, ink and paper on cartridge 220gsm paper, 42 x 59.4 cm

'It's Fine by Me' comments on my emotional response at a particular time of aggravation and loneliness in my life. Loneliness in my personal experience did not mean I had no one around me, my version of loneliness was felt more from failed expectations I had in others.

I find myself both angry and thankful for these experiences because they have developed my sense of independence and self-reliance from a young age. In this honest and open trail of thought through poetic language, I write:

"With no other choice

With no one other than me

It's fine by me

Is the way it has to be."

My process towards balancing the amount of energy I invest in others and how much I rely on myself first and foremost, is an ongoing journey which I will continue to document through my art.

Hoping and Dreaming (Original) - Matt paint, ink, pencil and paper on cartridge 220gsm paper, 42 x 59.4 cm

'Hoping and Dreaming' is a painting in response to my own contradictions with asking for help. Being independent can turn sour sometimes, applying too much pressure than we can handle, making it easy to occasionally spiral into the depths of despair and worry. This conversation with myself stemmed from a place much deeper than paying bills, it was more about achieving in the eyes of others.

I go on to describe how we all find ourselves in times of need, yet we often choose to ignore the benefits of simply talking, and revealing our common grounds. Despite this awareness, the fact remains that talking takes confidence which in itself takes time to develop, and at the time of this painting, I was right in the middle of this part of my self-discovery.

"Solitude and confinement disguised as independence.

Hard skin and tough shells promoted as power.

Yet we wonder why we urge to peak over our fences,

and hope and dream for someone to send us flowers.

In fact these aren’t signs of weakness,

they are signs of humanity.

But from inside our boxes of bleakness,

we ignore our similarities to the point of insanity."

The Venue, the evening, the cheese:

TM Lighting have a great, malleable space which complimented the various forms of work at the show including paintings, sculpture and ceramics.

But there is something about private view's which have always placed me in a funny position, both as a showcasing artist and audience member.

Will the nerves ever go away?

Will I ever truly feel comfortable in a room swimming in Jazz, cheese and a large amount of the audience being white suited and booted.

Or are these feelings we just get used to?

I feel like this is part of a much larger conversation for another post...

For now though,

Good evening and good night.

Lizzie Reid x

Watch this short video by TM Lighting:


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