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Make Work, Work for You
14 Nov 2021 at Two Queens Studio, Leicester 

Questioning whether our expectations of self and perceptions of success, money, and survival have a place in the progressive future we're creating? With freelance creatives wanting to live and work in ethical self-alignment.

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I'm In Control 6 week programme 
Nov - Dec 2021 

Supporting college students through workshops and 1-2-1 support to explore goals, build self-confidence and learn practical tools to live mentally healthier lifestyles in education, work and life.

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UAL: Creative rights - know your why and your worth
11 Nov 2021 via Zoom

Panel talk on intellectual property (IP) and personal value to 40+ UAL students and grads through our lessons learnt through client work, collaboration and self-reflection to encourage better representation of your creative identity from early on.


Reflecting as an Artist
27 April 2021 via Zoom

An explorative workshop to reignite and reconnect artists with their purpose and direction through the question WHY.

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Expectation Management before Time Management 
31 Mar 2021 via Zoom

Building an honest understanding of the A of your S-M-A-R-T goals. Get to know your limitations and create kinder, more realistic expectations of yourself based on your physical, mental, and emotional availability through a 25-page digital workbook.

SOCIALS Expectation management workbook
Expectation Management - My natural cycl

Self-Reflection toolkit for distractions
27 Oct 2020, 28 April 2021 via Zoom

Co-designed with Ellen Donnelly, founder of The Ask.

Understanding the deeper signs our distractions are communicating to us so we can better satisfy those needs whilst contributing to our greater mission, rather than ‘distracting’.

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Self-initiated IG convo
See IGTV series

On the lookout for a friend with Lupus who just gets it?This Lupus Awareness Month I put the call out and created a needed space for Black, Brown, Asian, and Mixed heritage women and non-binary Lupus SLE warriors to connect whilst fundraising for Lupus UK.

Self-initiated IG convo
Watch part 1 and part 2

After starting a dialogue in the comments of my post, stories and DM's about the difference between love languages and behavioural requests, I opened an IG live and zoom space to further question the perceptions of love languages today with Trahvae, Donovan Manning, and Darnell (based in Hawaii, Jamaica, and USA).

Sustainable Self-Love
Watch all 5 episodes

Campaign consultant of Trahvae's series with fellow yogis Zachary Brown, Donovan Manning, and Deverell (based in Hawaii, Jamaica, and USA) based on the mantras: I am Allowing, I am Releasing, and I am Exploring in alignment with the moon cycle of March 2021.

Love Language key question
Trahvae's self-love conversations!

UAL: Understanding Your Value and then Your Pricing
Oct 2019 in Holborn, London

Relatable discussion on my journey of how I came to see the value of my work as I learnt to value myself whilst being careful not to too closely associate the two.

UAL: How Self-Perception Affects Your Potential
Dec 2019 in Camberwell, London

When building your career, learn to identify when it's your perception of yourself that's affecting your business decisions, and work on improving those first.

Xhibit Professional Development Day: Align Your Practice with Your Values
May 2020 in Holborn, London,
July 2020 via Zoom

Looking at your unique journey and the things you care about to discover why you do what you do and inform how you will continue to grow with your practice.
Free values and natural strengths workbook download!

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Interview conversation with: Tanya Compas
24 Nov 2020 via Zoom 

Lizzie Reid talks with Tanya Compas about the importance of trust and conversation in creating genuine connection and impact in the lives of young people.

Interview extract:
"The responsibility of the creative and cultural sector is to ensure they are supporting the right people to deliver the work and for the right reasons. Reflecting on her journey in the influencer and charity sector, Tanya passionately describes the importance of not allowing the power dynamics between grassroots organisations and big brands or funders to overshadow the impact you set out to create. Reminding us that they rely on our community connections to reach new audiences. 
With the safety of young people always at the forefront, Tanya very poignantly describes the power of working collectively with those already doing the work on the ground. Emphasizing the responsibility we all have to recognise when to pass the mic, the cheque and the resources."

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Interview conversation with: Willkay
19 Nov 2020 via Zoom

Lizzie Reid talks with Willkay about the magic of finding your intuition, the importance of research, and the role of your mentality in carving a successful career.

Interview extract:
"Reflecting on moments of success and darkness, he says “I remember from a certain point just thinking, nothing is going to get in my way.” Using this mentality as motivation, intuition as a guiding light, his knowledge of himself and the industry, Willkay has since worked with the likes of Microsoft, Stormzy, BBC, Adidas, Giggs and Converse to name a few.
Recommending we should all learn how to question and talk to ourselves, Willkay explains “it sounds crazy, but especially now a days with everything going on, you need to talk to yourself first to make decisions before you reach out to the world for it to make decisions for you.”

Willkay x Lizzie Reid interview copy.jpg

How can we go beyond our current approach to health and safety to ensure every worker has the access to thrive holistically during COVID-19 and long-term?
8 June 2020 via Zoom
Co-delivered with Leo Woods and Aimee Gayle

Using powerful questions and self-reflection to get the leaders in the room to recall their experience of good and bad psychological safety in the workplace. Emphasizing the importance of open dialogue and difficult conversations in order to build genuine trust and create change.
Working with leaders from the Tate, Sadlers Wells, Southbank Centre, National Theatre, and more, to remind them that not all employee needs and access to support is the same, and all should be prioritized, from the top down.


Financial support of freelancers during and beyond COVID-19
8 April 2020 via Zoom

Invited by Lizzie Crump (founder of What's Next) and Sade Brown (founder of Sour Lemons), to speak at the discussion of Art Council England's strategy to sustain the sector during and beyond Covid-19 with DCMS.

I shared my experiences and a poetic statement as a freelance artist who falls through the cracks of government support. I asked for simplicity whilst we endured this time of panic, and to feel as though "there is more than just a boat to shore, but an army of support awaiting our arrival."

I described how at risk we we are of losing the most forward-thinking creative projects and change-makers of our time.

Reminding them, that even though so very few of us would be selected for ACE or government grants, "it is in our blood as freelancers to continue striving to provide and aiming to thrive".

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Yoga and Food Valentines Day event 
14 Feb 2019 at Chelsea UAL
Co-delivered with Ella Barnard

A creative workshop themed around showing self-appreciation through collage, letter writing to our past, present and future selves, and colouring in with around 35 participants.

Yoga x Food Valentines day workshops.png

Follow your Rhythm
12 Oct 2019 at TM Lighting Gallery, Kings Cross, London

Covering my key learnings after one year of representation with MiAL with the new cohort. Emphasizing the inspiration and opportunity that comes with visualizing your work in new contexts, the accessibility of free platforms to problem solve and self-teach, and recognizing the validity of your current position and experience, no matter what stage you're at.

MiAL Follow your Rhythm talk - TM Lighti

The Power of Choice
23 Nov 2018 at London College of Communication, UAL
Co-delivered with Ella Barnard

Framed around our key learnings since founding Prgrm2ed Perception, an exhibition platform in 2015 - 2017 showcasing the talent and voices of emerging artists and musicians in response to current socio-political issues. Through the lens of choice, we discussed the importance of identifying obligations vs needs and wants and the difficulty, but necessity, of saying no. Tips on managing pressure by having an honest understanding of how you work and leaving space for mental wellbeing. Getting ok with failure, leaning on your network, and recognising that confidence must be learned.

The Power of Choice talk as prgrm2ed per
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