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Hi, I'm  LizziE👋🏽

I use conceptual illustration and poetry to
communicate conscious ideas through subconscious lenses.

What does that mean?

I look at our physical understanding of life and analyse it against our deeper psychological experiences to come up with new  approaches to how things are run.

Clients include:
The Ask, Sour Lemons, UAL and Mindfulness Creates Change.
I also deliver workshops and talks on themes of self-perception and self-knowledge to empower emerging creatives to design sustainable and authentic careers.


Because I believe art is a tool that can be used to communicate, serve and connect us all on a deeper level.

My process:

Using self-study, instinctive drawing and active listening to culture, I hold up a mirror to how human behaviour and perception affects how we lead our lives.

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original artwork

Prints made to order once a month to reduce waste:
Order before Sept 28th for October delivery
pre-Sign-up for
self-reflection worksheets

To develop your self-knowledge and inspire creativity



In response to black lives matter

© 2020 by Lizzie Reid

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