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Illustrator, designer, creative director and coordinator on social impact projects

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Helping communities thrive in wealth, health and wellness through well-designed, practical and creative resources and projects that last a lifetime, rather than a click.

What we do

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Whether you're a company providing your clients with visual summaries and infographics from your biggest conferences and meetings

A colourful collection of images and words (visual minutes) depicting key messages from a series of workshops led by Culture Mile, the barbican centre, london. Created by Lizzie Reid
Lizzie and members of the secure children's home and the youth charity Peer Power are painting the walls and ceiling in the kitchen of the children's unit. The table is coated in paint pots, brushes, paper towels and masking tape. The ceiling mural shows blue and white clouds around a bright yellow sun made up of 8 slices. The walls show a landscape of green hills, blue water and a little person standing at the top of a hill. Funded and commissioned by NHS England

or a youth charity giving young people the opportunity to co-produce a mural on healthy living

or an organisation inspiring more diverse readership and writers using your local library card and merchandise
Lizzie holding up the library card featuring an illustration she created with a keyring fob attached.  The illustration depicts a glowing stack of 4 books (pink, yellow, blue and green) with out of a colourful portal with sparkles shooting out that depict the words 'intersectional knowledge is key to greater understanding'. The fob shows 5 illustrations of different ways of learning shooting out of a colourful portal with sparkles - A blue cloud for imagination, a green laptop, a yellow and pink overlapping speech bubble, a blue book, and pink headphones. Commissioned and funded by Libraries Unlimited
Mockup of the front cover and 4 inside pages of a self-help/self-care guide. The futon cover is titled 'ways to take care of you' 'co-produced by Peer Power experts and Lizzies Lines!' and features pop illustrations of headphones, sparkles, speech bubbles, shower head, a glass of water with cucumber, a lemon slices, a mug of tea, paintbrush and two journals. The other pages show short poems and illustrations depicting 'power naps' with a pillow with an alarm clock, 'write or record it' with a notebook, a voice recorder app and a list of journal prompts, 'listen and make music' with a pair of headphones, lyrics on pieces of paper and a speaker, and a person under a shower with lots of sparkles and a glowing yellow heart. Commissioned and funded by NHS England

or a national health institution wanting to support people with complex needs by providing an illustrated self-help guide whilst they wait for their service to start

or an office-based business wanting to inspire your employees and visitors with paintings that represent your purpose
Lizzie wearing a bright yellow jumper, an electric blue playsuit and yellow and blue trainers crouched next to her A0 size painting on canvas for Black Thrive Global and SURU Together. The painting depicts illustrations representing the key messages from their ted talks on the future of black communities post-covid. Featuring a green ladder leading up to a blue cloud to represent the need for imaginative funders, green stairs leading up to a chair as an ode to Yinka Ilori representing the need to take small steps and the importance of rest. A big black heart in a red circle representing the need for better black healthcare, a map of Africa, and a bright yellow door way to symbolise stopping gatekeeping and keeping the door open. Two people facing each other through a mirror representing he importance to see ourselves in one another and a group of people holding up a child to support the youth. A table with a calendar (the importance of planning), a pot of paints (creativity) and laptop
Two pages of a publication designed and illustrated by Lizzie Reid (Graphic design and illustration) depicting an activity book instructions to make your own paper lantern. Inspired by instructional manuals by lego and Ikea. Commissioned and funded by Culture Mile, Barbican Centre, London

or a cultural centre engaging the young and elderly at risk of loneliness with a playful illustrated activity book

or an author looking for a contemporary book cover artwork
Lizzie Reid - Blue Diving Board painting on canvas by Lizzie Reid. Depicts a large yellow sun against a black background, light and bold blue, white and yellow geometric shapes floating around a blue sketch of a person sitting on a white diving board.
Chiswick Towers digital billboards lit up with Lizzies Lines illustration of a blue basketball hoop, and a yellow basketball against a pink background. Commissioned and funded by POCC and clear channel UK

or a creative agency raising awareness of self-care practices with artists of colour via a national billboard campaign

We will help you understand what you need in time and budget to make it happen.
Lizzies lines signature in white

(and how it works)

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Steps to work with us 


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Book a project call to meet Lizzie, go over your brief and practicalities to make sure we're the right fit

Agree a project schedule, licensing and budget

Draft concepts and designs

Share revisions and feedback

Finalise design with time for minor amendments 

Ready to start?

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