We all have good days and bad days.I started the #LizziesLinesStoryBook (scroll for videos) to record genuine moments of pride and self-celebration to look back on, on the darker days.

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Illustration for limited edition collectible library cards across Devon and Torbay, celebrating the launch of Libraries Unlimited project 'What If YOU Spoke?' encouraging young writers. Using the space to encourage reflection on the intersectionality of the information we consume and how we consume it.

Digital illustration 'Play Outside' selected for display on Clear Channel billboards across the UK, including Glasgow, Scotland for POCC's 'Secrets to Self-Care' campaign.

Product packaging and campaign designer creating dialogue around the ups and downs of self-love, and the importance of prioritizing the sustainability of your practice over the aesthetic. The conceptual illustration depicts a seed continuously replanting itself. Scroll for more assets including stickers and a poem.

Poem reimagining the world covered in mirrors so that on the days "when our heads are low, we will always be looking up..." 
Read full poem in pictures below or on
Pass the Mic's Instagram announcement.

Conceptual illustrations representing career coach, Ellen Donnelly's six core themes to carving a unique career. Scroll for process videos.

Illustrations representing the ethos of Dorrette's life coaching business: mindfulness creates change. Represented by two overlapping circles and puzzle- like illustration of a landscape/person.